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I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

 The best of Truvy (Steel Magnolias, 1989)

I have been waiting all my life for this GIF set.

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I am going to see Dolly Parton on July 5th and Bianca Del Rio on July 6th. Basically 2 drag shows in one weekend! YAY! :D


RuPaul’s Drag Race gif meme: 2-10 gifs per post of BenDeLaCreme

► 6x14 - RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunited

Part 2: Miss Congeniality (part 1)

"It has meant so much for somebody who is a shy person, who doesn’t always feel like they wanna reveal themselves to everybody, to build something to help them do that, put it into the world and have it received so well. Thank you guys so much!"

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